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By Jim Gerland and Mark Winer

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Places to go for dedicated sports junkies
October 17, 1995

Buffalo is the home of some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable sports fans you'll find anywhere in the world, especially when the topic of conversation is the hometown Bills or Sabres. With winter fast approaching, many a sports fan will be parked in front of the television watching games or searching for the latest information about the hometown heroes. Instead of surfing through television channels, though, you can put down that remote and pick up your mouse to surf the vast array of sporting information available on the internet.

There are numerous sources for Buffalo Bills information on the internet. The Buffalo FreeNet offers several places to start if your interested in finding the latest news on the Bills or want to join in a discussion with others about the team. Simply go to the Hobby & Recreation page then click into the Sport Arena area. If you're interested in getting the latest scoop on a rival team you can check out the official National Football League internet site ( which includes information about all 30 NFL teams. Schedules, game results, player statistics, and up to date news about each NFL team is accessible at this site. For all you fantasy football players, check out ESPNet SportsZone Fantasy Football Link ( or the JAWS site (

Not to be outdone, the National Hockey League also has an excellent internet site ( providing information about each of its teams, including the Sabres. Besides all the stats and stories about the leagues' star teams and players, you can choose to test your knowledge in the trivia section, browse official NHL merchandise, or check out the latest rules and regulations governing the game - do you really know what obstruction is? You can find the answers at the official NHL site. Or for another in-depth look at the hometown squad, check out the Sabres information in the Nando site Sports Server ( This site has tons of stuff for the sports junkie.

The University at Buffalo Division of Athletics also has an Internet site ( This site features schedules, scores and articles about various UB Bulls and Royals teams. Included are links to UBeat, the Division of Athletics official newsletter and other UB athletic clubs (

No matter what your favorite sport or team, you can keep up to date with information available on the internet. No need to stay up late watching the tube if you missed the sports scores. Simply surf over to ESPNet's SportsZone ( This site is colorful and easy to navigate, offering up to date news and statistics. There are even columns by ESPN personalities such as Chris Berman. We also enjoy the FOX Sports Page (, where you can find game stats and a discussion area with FOX analysts talking about the latest NFL news.

If you are more accustomed to the print media, put down your Sports Illustrated magazine and try out the Sports Illustrated site. It's a little tricky getting into Sports Illustrated, so we recommend that you go to, then scroll down the page until you get to the Sports Illustrated link. Once you've clicked into the Sports Illustrated area set a bookmark so that you can easily get back. You'll even notice that the Sports Illustrated edition for Kids is available here. Another great site is the sports section in USA Today ( For a site with a bit more local flavor, try the Digital Edition of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Times-Union ( Any true Bills fan will enjoy this sites' HyperBills section.

As you can see, nearly anything related to the wide world of sports is available on the internet. If you want to keep up on anything from Current Sports Headlines ( to the World Whiffleball League (, jump over to the sports listings that are found in Yahoo ( Yahoo offers comprehensive links to sports sites throughout the world and is a great jumping off point to start your surfing adventure.

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