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By Jim Gerland and Mark Winer

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Chemistry Sites on the Internet
November 28, 1997

A few months ago we were asked to give a hands-on training session for an organization known as ChemShare. The members of this organization are elementary and high school chemistry teachers throughout Western New York. We are especially interested in integrating technology into the classroom and welcomed this opportunity to share some of our experience with these teachers. The problem was that neither of us had any real experience with chemistry (one of us even graduated from Bishop Turner High in the 60s without ever taking a chemistry course). So, we did what we often do when confronted with a research opportunity, we contacted a few of our friends and searched through a few good Internet databases to find many good chemistry related web sites. You can find the list of sites at our web site (

We began our research by first visiting the Western New York college web sites to find out what type of information they had available about their chemistry departments. The Buffalo State College ( Department of Chemistry site ( has links to information about their faculty, program offerings, seminar series, and student clubs. It has specific pointers to their chemistry, forensic chemistry, and secondary education programs, as well as their graduate school continuing education program. At the Canisius College ( Department of Chemistry site ( you can find out about their faculty, what courses they offer, and see a list of the recent grants they have received.

Over at Erie Community College (, the Chemical Technology Department site ( gave us a description of their Associate in Applied Science degree program and a list of the competences an AAS in Chemical Technology graduate will have mastered. The Department of Chemistry and Physics ( web site at Niagara University ( provided information about their faculty, programs, student chapter of the American Chemical Society (, and a very good set of pointers to chemistry resources on the Internet.

Finally, at the University at Buffalo we found the most extensive set of information about their Chemistry Department ( This home page included details about the department, their faculty, facilities, and both their undergraduate and graduate degree programs, with degree requirements and admissions information. Their site also provided additional pointers to other Internet chemistry related sites, including the SUNY On-line Introductory Chemistry Text. This
textbook was funded by the SUNY Office of Educational Technology and the Houghton Mifflin Company. If you'd like to check it out contact Dr. Robert Allendoerfer via email at for a guest userid and password so you can access the web site.

The two people we contacted for assistance were Dr. Harry Pence (, Professor of Chemistry at the State University of New York at Oneonta, and Dr. Jimmy Purser (, Professor of Chemistry and Computer Studies at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.

Harry and Jimmy provided us with a list of over 20 good chemistry web sites. The one site that was on both lists was the American Chemical Society's Chemcenter Page ( ChemCenter seems to be "the" place to go for chemical information. This site included information about the ACS itself and allows you to search through the 1992-1996 Chemical Abstracts bibliographic database ( ChemCenter also allows you to view 20 of their journals free for the remainder of 1997. They have done a wonderful job of designing a professional, easy to use web site while making it
fun at the same time. You can enter their slogan contest, send and receive electronic postcards to "show your chemical pride", and learn more about National Chemistry Week activities.

We would like to thank both Harry and and Jimmy for getting us started on this tour of chemistry sites on the Internet.

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