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By Jim Gerland and Mark Winer

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WNY Sports on the Internet
May 29, 1998

Late Spring is a wonderful time of year here in Western New York. The days are warm and getting longer. Our gardens are blooming and our grass is getting greener. Best of all though, late Spring is a great time if you're a sports fan, especially here in Western New York. This is a unique time of the year when most of the major sports leagues are in action.

What makes this spring even better is that the Buffalo Sabres are still in the play-offs. The Sabres web site,, provides up-to-date information about each game, current roster, and Sabres merchandise. They also have a chat room where fans can share their thoughts about the Sabres with each other and information about the 1998 NHL Entry Draft which is being held right here in Buffalo on June 27th. Of course, they also have a pointer to the NHL web site,, where you can keep track of the other teams still involved in the play-offs.

Our favorite thing about being a sports fan here in Buffalo is attending a Bisons baseball game. The Bisons web site,, has been totally redesigned and now contains a history area as well as the requisite schedule, ticket information, and gift shop areas. One of the neatest things on the Bisons site is the ability to sign up for your own email account. Imagine being able to show the world how much you're a Bisons' fan by having your own email address and being able to send and receive email via a web form! You may also want to check out the Bisons' parent club, the Cleveland Indians,, and the Minor League Baseball site,, for more information.

The Buffalo Bills,, are not only gearing up for the new season but their web site is also currently being redesigned. They hope to have the new look up this week. Until then though, you can still find ticket information, a player roster, and information about the 1998 Mini Camp and NFL draft on their web site. They even have a place where you can vote on whether the NFL,, should bring back instant replay.

If you're a lacrosse fan you're doubly in luck. Both the Buffalo Bandits,, and the Buffalo Gamblers,, have good web sites. Although the Bandits' season has ended you can still find re-caps of each game and a good history of lacrosse in North America. The Bandits are members of the National Lacrosse League,, which has a nice clean site. The Gamblers, members of the Ontario Lacrosse League, began their season this past weekend. You can find their schedule, team roster, and ticket information on their web site.

Soccer is also a favorite sport here in Western New York. The Buffalo Blizzard,, were the 1997-98 National Professional Soccer League North Division Champions. Their web site provides lots of good information including dates, times and rates for their summer camps, clinics, and tournaments. The Buffalo FFillies,, members of the United Systems of Independent Soccer Leagues,, also provide game notes, a team roster, ticket and merchandise information on their web site. If you want to find out more about women's soccer and their summer camps program you should check out this web site.

The Buffalo Wings,, web site has a cool animated graphic on the first page of a winged dinosaur breaking through a brick wall. Their web site has the usual information about tickets, merchandise, schedule, and team members, but it also has two areas that are coming soon that look interesting: a Kid's Page and information about amateur leagues they'll be running this summer at Buffalo State College. The Wings, members of the National Roller Hockey League,, begin play next week.

The newest entry into the Buffalo sports picture is the Buffalo Destroyers,, of the Arena Football League, Their web site is loaded with lots of cool graphics with lots of information about the 1999 opening season, the Front Office folks, and the rules of the game. They even have a count-down on their home page to the first game and ticket and seating information for the Marine Midland Arena,

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